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Norwall Wallcoverings is a premier wallpaper manufacturer of residential wallcoverings and wall borders. Our wallpaper collections cover a wide variety of styles, designs and colours to suit every desire, including the trends of today.

Wallcoverings add style, beauty and dimension to your room. Beautiful wallpaper designs, including rich textures, over-sized damasks and sophisticated florals create the perfect background for today’s lifestyles. Wallcoverings add so much to a room, completing your home décor with subtle nuances like tone on tones or adding brilliance and shimmer through light reflective and metallic wallpapers. Wallcoverings are durable and last many years. They are an excellent choice in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Use wallpaper as a means to dress your wall and add a little glamour or focus to a room. Try featuring a bold wallcovering design on one wall as an accent. Wallcoverings instantly transform a bare wall into a point of interest in your home with ease and confidence. Use a textured wallcovering all over a room to add warmth and dimension. Whether your furnishings are modern, traditional or eclectic, surround them with the enduring quality of today’s wallcovering designs.