Preparing the Surface
Installing Wallpaper
Installing Borders
Paintable Wallpapers
Removing Wallpaper
Paintable Wallpapers

1.  Turn off power to switches and outlets.
2.  Draw a vertical guideline (plumb line). Put this approximately 19” away from the corner.
3. “Back roll” each strip so that the pasted side is facing outwards.
4.  Follow label instructions for soaking the rolled strips.

5. “Book” the strips by folding the ends to the center; paste side to paste side.
6.  Apply the first strip against your vertical guideline.

7.  Smooth strip with a smoother or sponge.

8.  Apply remaining strips in the same manner.

Note: Please allow paper to hang 5 to 7 days before applying any paint products. This is to ensure the paper is completely dry.

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