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Design Tips

  1. Make a small room look larger.

  Wallpaper can do it all! Vertical wallpapers make the ceiling look higher. Soft, light-coloured wallpaper
  and keeping your accessories to a minimum make your room light and airy. Simplicity is key to
  enlarging your space.

  2. Make a large room cozier.

   Large patterns and rich colours are key to creating warmth and coziness, which make a larger space
   more intimate.

  3. Create a designer home…without the designer.

   Without the training experience of designers, it can be hard to find a colour scheme for your décor
   that works. Choosing wallpaper that inspires you is the best place to start. Wallpaper is pre-designed.
   All the colours in its pattern already work together. Now, simply furnish and accessorize your room
   using the colours in the wallpaper as a guideline.

  4. Instant sophistication with wallpaper.

   Painting restricts your wall décor to flat walls, faux finishes and professional murals. Wallpaper will
   give you these as well as an abundance of other creative finishes, such as adding historic flavour
   (Victorian, etc.), rich patterns (traditional to contemporary), photographic images, relief surfaces,
   and the appearance of luxurious fabrics, woods or stones at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.
   Give your home a warmth and character that you could never achieve with paint. Wallpaper provides
   visual texture to an otherwise bland décor.

  5. Textured solution. Give your room tactile presence.

  Just as choosing a simple sheer or luxurious velvet drapes can transform your room completely,
  so can wallpaper. Add another dimension to your walls that can appeal to your sense of touch.
  Add texture and rich patterning. Give your look a touch of opulence.

  6. Bring drama into your home.

  Your wallpaper can be your piece d’art on its own or simply a sophisticated backdrop for your hung 
  artwork. Make your walls your art by creating a feature wall using your favourite wallpaper. Don’t be
  afraid to use dark colours in small spaces. High-contrast wallcoverings create a dramatic affect.
  Experience a new way of looking at wallpaper!

  7. An easy way to give a room a theme!

  From a baby’s nursery, a child’s playroom, a teen’s bedroom, a sweet country kitchen, or a
  sport-lover’s den - whatever room you choose, you can surround yourself with all your favourite
  interests or hobbies. A themed wallpaper, coordinating border and sprinkle of carefully chosen 
  accessories are all you need. Express yourself and personalize your space!

  8. Ideal for hiding minor wall imperfections.

  Camouflage unsightly stains and defects in walls. No need to give in to cement cracks, blotchy plaster, 
  wood paneling, or uneven drywall. Wallpaper can give you the seamless look of a brand new wall.